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We created Trinity Entertainment to help bring our love of live action roleplay to Arizona. We know that it’s not always easy to find the right game for you, but we hope this list helps bring you closer to something you will love.

N.E.R.O. Central Arizona – The Arizona chapter of this internationally played game invites you join in on the fun! Come unravel the mysteries of the Timeless Cave, the cycle of the ages, and rewrite history to unlock a future of your own making. NERO is a high-fantasy medieval boffer LARP open to all ages. Come be the hero, the villain, or something of your own.

Players always come first.

Jessica O, Owner

We are dedicated to entertain. It is the focus of our staff to create the world, the people, the problems they face, and the solutions to those problems. Overall what you experience at this chapter should be a reflection of what you see at all NERO chapters, as the game runs in one contiguous world, and your character can gain experience points at every chapter you visit.

National Youth Boffer League

A community of players who support and encourage each other.

Foster healthy habits, productive competition, 

We build teams, leagues, and leaders.

It is a legendary opportunity to learn Integrity, respect, honesty, and fun through swordplay

Zackary Taylor – probably

What is Boffer?

Boffer uses foam swords and shields and a simple set of rules to make an incredibly fun, challenging and fast paced game. It is a legendary opportunity to learn Integrity, respect, honesty, and fun thru swordplay.